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In spring 2013 Koroniotis Spyros from Perama and Skoura Efi from Ladikou Ypati renovated "Mouries" in Loutra giving it their personal touch.
"Mouries" is a tavern with a long and uninterrupted operation for over 40 years.

The restaurant is open from early in the morning for tsipouro and numerous savory delicacies. In the afternoon, cooked food is served along with traditional grilled meat, the local speciality of Roumeli. The tavern is open till late at night offering exceptional food and wine.

Spyros, a person well-seasoned in both traditional and modern cuisine, prepares dishes based on tradition inspiration and imagination.

All the ingredients come from small local farmers and growers.
Outstanding dishes include those made with mushrooms carefully picked up by specialists in the surrounding mountains.

In our unique 'Gastra' we prepare delicious foods and pies on a daily basis.
Kotsi, ewe and lamp are meticulously cooked for hours from early in the morning.
The pies are made by women living in the area with fresh greens and virgin olive oil. Mamaliga, pies with greens, striftopita, babanetsa and sweet pumpkin pie are some of our specialities, to name but a few.

We would love to entertain and guarantee you an unforgettable gastronomical experience in our hospitable, cozy restaurant with its spacious mulberry-dominated yard .

There are lots of places your can visit in the area like The Oite National Park, Agathonos monastery, Ypati historic village, the local Byzantine museum, Ypati Environmental Studies Center and the hot springs with their unique healing properties.


... κάτι ψήνεται στην γάστρα, στα Λουτρά Υπάτης!

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